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Titanium dioxide

Titanium dioxide is the most important and widespread pigment with outstanding features such as excellent whiteness, opacity and surface protection. It is used in paints and coatings, plastics, paper, building materials and many other commercial products.

Filada is a global supplier with a worldwide sales presence. We distribute a wide range of rutile titanium dioxide produced via sulphate process for all major applications.

With our experience and a full range of marketing, distribution and logistics services, we are able to provide effective solutions, guaranteed quality and security of supply. Depending on the end-use, our company is ready to ensure unmatched solutions to meet the specific needs and requirements of our customers.

Currently we may offer to our clients the following portfolio of products:

SumTITAN R-204

SumTITAN R-206

SumTITAN R-2041

SumTITAN R-2061

SumTITAN R-2071

SumTITAN R-208